Evolver Bay Area Presents: HiveMind


A day of workshops, talks, and healing followed by a celebration.

Produced by Evolver Bay Area and Keyframe-Entertainment

Saturday, February 23rd, noon to midnight

ClouD9, 1320 9th St, Berkeley (near north Berkeley or El Cerrito BART)

Welcome to the first day-long HiveMind, where you can learn with hands-on workshops and talks, connect with like-minded people, receive healing, nutrition, and art, dance, and be.

Several organizations will be present to share their work and build community. Our intention is to bring people together around the convergence of permaculture, alternative economy, visionary art and music, shamanism and technology. Through gathering together and sharing with each other, we build a strong collective action network in the Bay Area and celebrate the brilliance and passion of the Evolver community.

And we’ll feed you raw cacao and ormus elixirs!

If you’re interested in teaching a workshop, offering healing, art, music or tabling, please contact evolversf@gmail.com

Evolver is for Evolving consciousness, individually and in collaboration. We look forward to waking up with you.

“What we require is a trans-local movement of civil society, on a global scale, where people come together in local communities to address the complete scope of our situation in “living learning laboratories,” sharing the best practices and techniques for re-localizing basic production of goods, foodstuffs, and energy. We need a movement away from the industrial-age ideals of growth, toward “slow living,” toward enhancing the quality of life, and an equitable sharing of resources on a planetary scale.

The Evolver Network provides a prototype for a self-organizing social movement that meshes together local communities who are creating an alternative model for future society, which we call “The New Planetary Culture.”

-Daniel Pinchbeck, Evolver Co-Founder and Executive Director


More TBA

Transition Initiave: Introduction to Urban Homesteading

Chris Tittle, Sustainable Economies Law Center


Ryan Rising, Organizer for Space TranSFormers


Darrin Drda, Deep Ecology Workshop

David Jaber, inNative: Designing for Abundance in Organizations: Principles of Permaculture


Carnal Gnosis: Physical Integration of Entheogenic Experiences

Jake Kobrin: Digital Painting: Exploring the Numinous with Modern Technology


Dee Dussault: Sensuality Meditation


Dr. Jenn Zahrt & Magenta: Introduction to Shamanic Journeywork



Jack Falls-Rock: Drum Healing


Anjuli Mahendra of ShaktiCura Healing Lounge


Alok Rocheleau of ShaktiCura Healing Lounge


**Produced by Keyframe-Entertainment**



Outersect is Rob Rayle, a composer, producer and one man electronic jam band of genre-bending psychedelic electronic music; synergizing global acoustic soundscapes with his own Outersect Modeler to emerge with an unique sonic experience to take the listener on fun sound journeys and dance floor bliss.

Digital Folk


With revolutionary vibes and psychedelic style, DigitalFolk is bridging the gap between the electronic music scene and the politically conscious movement for change. Inspired by folklore and world culture the group creates emotionally uplifting, spiritually conscious electronic dance music.

Dan Alvidrez (Builder) & Daniel Lesser (D.U.3. Divine Unity of Three) are West-coast music producers who created the project in hopes to encapsulate the intense experience of spiritual awakening and bring EDM music to a new level with something unique and meaningful. Constant creation over the years has resulted in stellar performances and incredible new music.


Jessica Perstein


Masahiro Kahata, BrainVJ


Dadara’s Art as Money prints



Evolver Bay Area




Transition Initiative


Psychedelic Society SF


ERIE – Entheogenic Research, Integration and Education


Interchange Counseling


Electronic Awakening


Edible City



Raw cacao elixirs by Jessalynn Rose, Living Alchemist

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