Evolver Spores: The Return of the Divine Masculine

Evolver Spores: The Return of the Divine Masculine

Wednesday, February 20
These days, while it is very popular to celebrate the “return of the goddess,” we generally neglect and avoid the masculine aspects of “god.” After patriarchy’s long run, we find ourselves embarrassed and ashamed of the often stern and warlike male archetypes. Yet masculine deities run a wide spectrum – from Pan to Quetzalcoatl, Osiris to Apollo, The Green Man to Thor. Considering the ecological and economic crises we face, we need to beam into strong male icons that represent fortitude, courage, cunning, warrior discipline and other traditionally male expressions of energy. The future is not a return to matriarchy but the building of a true partnership culture where the best aspects of the masculine and feminine can shine.

So this month, lets flash our spears, roar our barbaric yawps, cast our ballads of eternity outside of time, and whatever else we can think of to connect with the true masculine force. The divine masculine in all of us (women, transgender, etc, included) is not domineering but protective, not cruel but determined, not hyper-rational but intellect ruled and guided by heart.

Join one of our 50+ Spores chapters (or start your own) for this Evolver Network event celebrating a “Month of Love” in February.


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