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Learning from Ancient Aliens and the Egyptian Wisdom Tradition

In this five-part series, learn about the Ancient Egyptian mystery schools, their other-wordly origins, and the techniques to remember your soul mission in this life. Throughout this series, Philip will be joined by special guests Duncan Lunan, Andrew Collins


Download the Interzone Mix

Receive a free download of the mystically eclectic music currently influencing “acid-rave sci-fi punk-funk” maestros Jamie Reynolds and Simon Taylor-Davis of the Klaxons as part of our summer fund drive.

From the symphonic retro sounds of David Axelrod’s “The Mental …


Graham Hancock: The War on Consciousness: What It Means for You

Graham Hancock: The War on Consciousness: What It Means for You
April 14th

Recently Graham Hancock discovered that his TEDx Whitechapel presentation, “The War on Consciousness,” was censored by the TED leadership — removed from the TED YouTube page and …


Sacred Geometry Explained: How the Hidden Order of the Universe Can Enhance Your Life

The Golden Ratio, Pi, Phi, the Fibonacci Series, fractals, Squaring the Circle — these are only some examples of how the underlying mathematics of existence bring order and beauty to our experience. Throughout history, sacred geometry has been expressed in


Why Wild Water: Water Shamanism and the Healing Secret of Ethno-Hydrology

Learn how the water you drink literally creates the person you are.

The human body is 70 percent water, so you would think that the quality of the water we drink would get at least as much attention as the …