Turn Your Customers Into Walking Brand Promoters

The business world is tough because it is highly competitive. Even if you have some of the best products in your industry, there are rival firms with equally good products out there. These rivals will try to snatch some of your customers and if you don’t make the right moves, they will succeed. Now, one way to ensure you are always on top of your game is to advertise your goods consistently. Do this with custom branded t-shirts and you will achieve great results. Below are some ways to turn your clients into products promoters for your company.

Design and Create Branded T-Shirts

The idea of the branded t-shirt as a marketing tool is simple and effective. If you have the skills, you can create the design yourself and get a printer to get your design transferred to plain white t-shirts. If you don’t have the skills, you can get an expert to create the design for you. The important thing is that your company logo, address and services must be clearly visible on the design. Once you have produced a large number of these t-shirts, you can distribute them to your customers. They wear these t-shirts and they help you advertise your brand.

Advertising New Products

The best way to get the most out of this brand of advertising is to create new t-shirts each time you have a new product. This is a smart move because you create awareness for the new product as soon as it hits the market. In addition, both old and new customers will buy the product, and this means more sales and more profit for your firm.

Variety and Style

Using t-shirts to promote your brand is an excellent idea but you can add spice to the process by applying both innovation and creativity. All the t-shirts you are using for brand promotion should not have the same message. Some of these tees should target new customers by announcing your new products. Others will target repeat customers by announcing bonanzas and promotions. Some other t-shirts can simply offer customers prices and products they cannot find anywhere else. Do this consistently and you will corner the market in your industry.

Use Different Methods for Your Custom Tees

You can produce branded t-shirts using a number of methods. These methods include screen printing, heat transfer, sublimation printing and heat transfer. These methods have their pros and cons, so you have no reason to stick to just one method. If you are printing just one color, you can use the screen-printing method. This gives you maximum durability. For designs with the full color process, you can use the popular direct to garment (DTG) printing method. You can also use the sublimation printing in cases where you think this process will help your cause.

Align Your Marketing to Noble Causes

The aim of marketing is to reach a wide audience and boost your business. For this reason, you should put on your thinking cap and align your company to a cause that will boost sales and increase turnover. For instance, you can align your products with popular causes like environmental protection issues. These include causes like protecting the rain forest and using solar energy. As long as these causes do not conflict with your business interests, they will help you because supporters of these causes will buy the products you are selling.

You have no reason to rely only on traditional methods of advertising for your goods and services. Using t-shirts to market your products is an excellent idea. It is relatively cheap, and it reaches a large number of both existing and potential clients. Use this method and you will be happy with the results.