2015 Spore Themes

The Evolver Spores focus on quarterly events scheduled on or near the equinoxes and solstices. Please see Upcoming Events to check locations and times.



Planet Medicine

February to April


For thousands of years, plant medicines have guided humanity in right relationship with the Earth and exploration of the universe. This theme explores the spectrum of our relationship with plants for food, medicine and shelter. Highlights the social justice and conservation issues facing Indigenous peoples.




Deep Dive: the Ocean and our Planetary Psyche

May to July


The oceans hold treasures untold – countless species of animal and plant life, trade routes and sustainable energy. This vast living ecosystem operates in a delicate balance, which human industry is threatening. How does the ocean represent our dreams, and how can we shift the collective dream to remember to care for her once again?


DeepDive3_v (1)


Local Food Challenge

August to October


For 10 days, eat food grown within 100 miles of your home, with the exception of 10 exotics. Can you do it? Share your story.


Just rEvolution: Art, Technology and Social Movements

November to December


Just rEvolution! features the art of social movements, from poster design to music to large-scale gatherings. Join the Evolver Network this solstice in exploring creative tools for a socially just evolution of society.


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