Few Ideas To Make Him-Her Feel Special

There are individuals who like a gift that makes them laugh.  Some like receiving practical gifts that fit into their routines at the office or at home.  However, sentimental gifts, the ones that could invoke happy tears, provide a delightful way to express love to a significant other.

Exchanging gifts as a couple can be quite the fun activity.  You know your significant other: What he or she loves, the rituals he or she enjoys and the small daily aggravations you could probably solve with a thoughtful gift.  In addition, you are aware of how much he or she will appreciate a gift that is coming from you.  Here are some birthday gift ideas to make him or her feel special:

Special Gifts for Her


Even though this item is listed under “special gifts for her,” it is actually a neutral gift that works well for both men and women. If you are looking for a useful present for your significant other that will make him or her think of you by all year, buying a bathrobe is a remarkable idea.  In addition, bathrobes are suitable for any age as well; from toddlers to seniors, they are always handy.

 Scented Candles

Scented candles make for a charming, sweet and inexpensive gift. There are a number of remarkable smelling candles available and many of them are reasonably priced; as such you can get a candle or a few for your significant other.

Scents can evoke powerful emotional reactions and thus have an impact on our feeling.  The limbic system impacts things such as serotonin, which is the hormone responsible for our feelings of happiness.  Therefore, scented candles can be great for the emotional health of your love.

Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket can make for a great gift for her.  A number of individuals find that including a weighted blanket in their sleep routine helps in reducing stress and promoting calm.  These blankets are inspired by a therapeutic technique known as deep pressure stimulation, which uses controlled and firm pressure to induce a calm feeling. If your sweetie could use some added comfort during sleep, this could be the ideal gift for her.


If your significant other loves flowers, you can send her a bouquet as a way of enhancing your relationship.  Consider your own feelings when someone you care about presents you with a gift. Sending flowers generates tremendous compassion towards the sender and makes them a lot more eager to reciprocate.  These back-and-forth gestures foster healthy behaviors that promote thriving relationships.

Colored Stemware

Whether your lady love enjoys winding down with a glass of wine to end her day or enjoys setting a colorful table and entertaining, there are stunning wine glasses made from handblown glass that will surely impress.  You can get a matching set or opt to mix and match colors.

Special Gifts for Him

Silk Pajamas

Not only are silk pajamas decadent, but the breathability of the fabric also makes it an ideal choice for the man in your life.  This is particularly true, if he is a hot sleeper.  The more stylish selections are heavy of the sex appeal, without compromising ease of movement or comfort.   Gifting him a pair will not only level up his sleepwear and loungewear, but they could also level up your love life as well.

Engraved Watch

This is a meaningful gift that can be given ‘just because’ or on any special occasion; however, it is especially remarkable as an anniversary gift.  The watch can be inscribed with a special message expressing your deep love and affection for and towards him.  This sentimental gift could invoke loving reactions that you might not have anticipated.

Personal Care Gift Basket

There is a prevailing school of thought that suggests that men do not appreciate personal care gifts.  However, a number of men out there who truly appreciate getting groomed and pampered.  From the sophisticated trendsetters to the rough-and-rugged tradesmen, if the man in your life loves to be fussed about, whether regularly or on special occasions, gift him with a basket of high-quality self-care products. There is a wide selection of self-care and grooming gifts available for the man who wants to feel and look his best.