Ideas For Starting Start Online Businesses With Little Cash

Digital technology has removed barriers to starting a business by providing easy ways to collaborate, market products, find customers and communicate with prospects all over the world. You can start your own business, provide freelance services, offer consulting expertise in your areas of experience or pursue a new career.

The Most Popular Ideas for Online Businesses

Many companies succeed in the online marketplace without a lot of cash, but it usually takes hard work, knowledge of the business model and a great idea that resonates with potential customers. When you don’t have a lot of money and try to build your business without a lot of capital, the process is called bootstrapping, which relates to the idea of pulling up your bootstraps and working hard to succeed. The giant companies Campaign Monitor, BigCommerce, Envato, TechSmith, iData and AnswerLab all bootstrapped their way to success. Some of the most popular ideas for online businesses include:

• Blogging
Simple blogging on your favorite topics, current events and market trends can attract a huge following, and you can monetize your blog by selling advertising through Google. Google helps you start and grow this kind of online business.

• Affiliate Marketing
Thousands of product manufacturers and distributors partner with website owners in affiliate marketing. As an affiliate, you promote the company’s products on your site, take orders and send them to the company for fulfillment. You don’t have to buy or store products to start selling them. Sometimes,you can set your own prices, but some companies require specific pricing from which you earn a commission on each sale.

• E-Book Author
As a writer, you have an unprecedented opportunity to publish fiction and nonfiction ebooks online. You no longer have to send a manuscript to publisher after publisher; you can publish your books online for free at You simply share the profits with Amazon and supply the manuscript, and Amazon takes care of the rest.

• Handyman for Hire
You can publicize handyman services on your website or list your service on various online service platforms.

• Landscaping
Thousands and thousands of people start their own landscaping business, and it’s easier to run this kind of business online. You can take credit cards online and over the phone, schedule regular service, hire temporary help for large jobs and rent special equipment for certain jobs as needed.

• Vintage Clothing Seller
May people set up their own website to sell vintage clothes. It helps to have a good eye for fashion and some knowledge of vintage clothing styles. You can find vintage clothing at yard sales, thrift shops and even among discards waiting for bulk trash collection. Clean up the clothes, make any necessary repairs, take a photo and sell the clothes on your website or at marketplace platforms like eBay.

Freedom to Work Your Own Hours

Online businesses give you the freedom to work when you choose and be your own boss, but you need to provide good customer service if you want to succeed. The opportunities listed here are just the tip of the iceberg. Here are thousands of online businesses you can start with proven track records of success.