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Various Construction Equipment Financing – Options You Can Depend On

Without the right tools, a construction company can’t run effectively. That’s why companies should seek suitable construction equipment financing options. For instance, getting excavator finance allows you to get a construction excavator that makes it easy to dig trenches, prepare sites, and demolish structures.

But choosing the right financing option is not easy. Therefore, it is vital to understand the various options available, so you can choose what best suits your business. That said, here is a look at multiple construction equipment financing options.

Hire Purchase

Are you considering hire-purchase as the option you will use to buy your construction equipment? Hire-purchase is an excellent option since it helps businesses find new ways to grow and expand operations. One feature that makes hire-purchase one of the most reliable financing options is that you will get the tool without having to part with a vast amount of money.

Besides, you will only need to pay for the equipment over a long period depending on the budget that works for you. Again, with the hire-purchase system, it will be easier to budget your money, which makes your financial forecasting easier. You can also claim capital allowance against tax.

Financial Lease

Another way you can use to fund your construction equipment is through the financial lease. This funding option is one of the most popular ways construction companies seek construction equipment financing. The reason it is an option that yield higher returns on capital as well as aid in maintaining a good level of cash flow in a business.


This financial option enables the construction companies to purchase the equipment they need to run the business, and in turn, they pay monthly lease rental to the financiers that offer them the lease. This is an excellent option since the rental fee is offset from the tax and ensures that the company has the cash, they used to buy the equipment in cash.

Operational Lease

A construction company can also use an operational lease when buying equipment. With this type of financing, the company leasing out the machines or tools offers the leasing provider the period they will lease the machine. The construction company can make a one-time payment or a series of installments in exchange.

This option differs from the financial lease since the risk of using the machines is not transferred to the construction company leasing. So, services like insurance, technical assistance, and repairs are not part of the construction company. Note that with this financing option, there is no need for initial payment; the construction company can start using the machines as soon as they agree on the terms with the leasing company.

Capital Lease

Even if a construction company has the money needed to buy the equipment they need, there is more that they are bound to gain when they use the capital lease compared to buying the tools from the supplier out rightly. One of the most significant benefits is that using capital lease assures that the construction company does not strain financially.

The other reason to use this payment option is that the construction company will automatically get ownership of the lease after the payment period. It also ensures the company does not have a large amount of money tied in the capital. With this, the leasing company also can keep up with the trend by replacing old machines with updated tools.

Equipment Loan

Getting equipment loans is another excellent way of gaining equipment since the company will own the equipment from day one. The construction company can also keep the equipment or sell it back to the financing company upon loan repayment. Unlike personal loans, the asset you buy will act as collateral.

Get Excavator Financing Today

When a company finds the right construction equipment financing, it will enjoy flexible financial solutions and help preserve capital. Financing allows you to buy the excavator and other equipment you need and still have cash flow that you can use on more valuable channels.

It also involves reduced risk to the construction company and gives them ample time to focus on the business. Note that you make money in construction only when you have the right tools and not when you own them. We are the best financing option for your business. Reach out now!